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Hi! i'm trying to run an older project in the new 3.0 version but i get an error: "fatal error: rlgl.h: No such file or directory" I don't know what te problem is, cause i tried the exact same project in the 2.5 version and it works just fine.

Similar issue with any example that uses another file besides raylib.h.  For example, trying out physics_demo.c gives:

physics_demo.c:22:10: fatal error: physac.h: No such file or directory

I have tried on two separate windows computers.  Ray, any workaround to this?

Okay, reading the header for the physics file it makes more sense.  However, everything with raymath.h isn't working either.


In raylib 3.0 auxiliar libraries are not copied in compiler include path. If you need some auxiliar library just copy them from raylib/src to your user code path. All the used libraries are single-file header-only.


Does the default font have any name? Also, do i understand correctly that it does not support Cyrillic characters?

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Default font does not include cyrillic characters but you can load your own font with cyrillic characters. About the name, it's custom but it's similar to Grixel Acme 7 font.

Im trying to get a cheap computer for this. Is there a minimum spec sheet? I can't find one.


Just to make sure you are aware this is a library, the minimum requirements are that you have a computer that can compile C/C++ code (which is basically every computer on the planet) as far as getting decent fps it really depends on what you are doing with library but to get started just try it out on whatever computer you currently have and if your project starts running into FPS issues and you don't think its due to poorly performing code on your end then it would make sense to upgrade.



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Hello! When I try to run the project “core_basic_window.c” in Notepad ++, I get the error “timeEndPeriod not found in kernel32.dll”. Win7 not supported? Or maybe need to update the kernel32.dll library to version 6.2+? (TCC compiler)

this issue is related to missing WinMM library on early Win7 versions, to avoid that library you should recompile raylib with busy wait loop enabled, check raylib/src/config.h. you can ask on raylib Discord for more detailed explanation if required...

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Thanks! Works!

yesterday i looked at your examples in the website, just a few lines of code and the result is simplify the complexity of OPENGL .
keep up the good work...hopefully someone will make a video game with it!


Raylib 3.0 great release. Thank you for continuing to improve Raylib. 👍


Thanks for you comment! Hope you enjoy this new version! :)

is raylib 64bit or 32bit when I try to install it says tinyC 32-bit or mingw64 32 bit?

Hi! Provided compilers are 32bit for more portability but you can compile raylib to 64bit if you want, you just need a 64bit compiler.

Thank You

Buenas tardes. ES posible usar la librería para alguna de las gafas 3D q hay en el mercado ?! De no ser así, que libreria recomendarías? Gracias.

Si. Yo creo es posible! Solo necesita crear un modelo 3D y exportarlo al formato correcto.

i have no idea what im doing... does it have an actual program to opun to see your progress or is it just coding 


raylib is just a videogames coding library with some code examples to test.

The autocompletion xml file for notepad++ included in 2.5 is still for the 2.0 version, right?

No, it's updated for raylib 2.5... or it should... did you do a clean installation?

Yes, you are right, i was confused by the line 1546 in c.xml saying "raylib 2.0 Autocompletion". Sorry.

Quick reference card is available.

When can we expect the full documentation for the raylib?

Take for example the documentation on the godot engine.

For beginners, it would be very useful.


For now, reference card is the full documentation... not enough resources for something better... for now...

Deleted 3 years ago

please, post it in, we will try to find a solution... probably related to GPU...

When will raylib 2.0 be released?

"WARNING! raylib 2.0 is coming very soon! Stay tuned!"

So how much longer?

Sorry for the delay, preparing the library as a package with everything ready and setup takes some work...

raylib 2.0 is already available on GitHub master branch but I expect to have the installer ready by the end of July as late.

Thank you, sir, for such a fine library! I am a vb6 hobby game programmer and was trying to transition to C# for my third game. A friend at BlitWise recommended RayLib and I gave it a shot. I really like C thus far and Raylib has begun to make 3D accessible for me (and looks much better than my 'layered transparency' approach I was taking in vb6 for my 'dungeon view'). Certainly I am struggling with many things: some C related, and some related to utilizing RayLib. I try always to figure things out on my own but I am wondering if you accept specific questions and if so what is your preferred method of receiving them? Thanks!

Hello oklabsoft!

Thanks for trying raylib! Hope you enjoy it! raylib v1.8 is a bit outdated (6 months old) but I'm about to publish raylib 2.0 with lots of improvements!

I'm always open to questions and ready to help, in top-right corner there is a bunch of network options to connect and ask for help, lately the most active one for quick questions is Discord server but for more elaborated questions I personally prefer raylib forum. You can also write me directly to ray[at] if required.

Keep me updated with your projects! :)

Thanks! I am certainly loving it so far and actually making some progress. Knowing where to reach out for help if I get really stuck will hopefully keep me from the constant temptation to just go back and double-click that vb6 icon. :)

Keep up the awesome work and looking forward to 2.0!

Is 2.0 going to have networking ?? :D

not yet, sorry. I started working on some network functionality, UDP only, based on socket... but it won't get into 2.0.

Thank you so much for this! 


Thanks to you for using it! :D

Looks neat! Is it possible to develop on mac?

Yes, it is. But in that case you need to configure your dev environment (probably XCode). Here it is a guide:

Can you actually make your own game? If so,can you put it on the games page on itch?

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Hi uy! I'll try to upload some game to but you can check some in raylib web. :)

link is broken now (


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